Recreational Sports and University Unions

a group of students

Michigan memories are memories for a lifetime. Studying at Pierpont Commons late at night, hurrying home from class to meet up with the team for club sport practice… it’s about the community of friends that you built. As a first year student maybe you used the Michigan Union as a central place to meet with friends, always looking to the sky to see that familiar flag to find your way.  And it was on Elbel field where you played the fight song with the University Marching Band for the first time, or maybe you found your love of fitness and wellness at the IMSB building.

Whatever the memory, we know that the Unions and Recreational sports buildings are more than just buildings- they are campus living rooms where ideas are born, friendships are made, dialogues make change, and leadership experiences inspire.

Our leaders deserve the best- and you can play a role in helping students have the same long lasting memories.  At the very heart of the renovations is ensuring that are facilities support what our students need to be successful and to creating spaces that are conducive to building those Michigan memories. 


Be a part of history in the making.  Continue your legacy as a Michigan Wolverine.  Hail to the Future!

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If you are interested in naming opportunities or making a major gift to support one of these projects, please contact the Student Life Development Office at 734-647-7309.